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Billerica Little League Privacy Policy

Because Billerica Little League is concerned about your privacy, we want to set-out our practices and policy relating to information you provide to us in this Privacy Policy. By using this site and/or registering a player to participate in the Billerica Little League, you acknowledge the provisions of this Policy and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. Please note that our site is hosted by League Athletics, which entity is not affiliated with Billerica Little League and which has its own privacy policy, accessible from a link at the bottom of our home page.


You may use our site without disclosing personally identifiable information. We want to be clear that we will not obtain such information about you unless you choose to submit it to us. If you supply personally identifiable information (such as name, SSN, address or telephone numbers) it will be used for the purposes described in this Policy.

Information Collection and Use

Billerica Little League collects personal information for the purpose of registering players in its leagues, and provides such information to our administrators, coaches and league presidents for use in the administration of the leagues. Player names are generally posted on our web site as part of a team’s roster, and a player’s parent and/or guardian and their respective contact information is available on the web site by entering a team specific password provided to team coaches. We may provide your health information and emergency contact data concerning your player’s health and other personal issues you provide to us to our coaches and league presidents so that, in the event of an emergency during a practice or game, the coaches may be able to provide that information to health care providers. (Billerica Little League does not provide any assurance that such information will always be available or timely provided, but endeavors to provide a supplemental means for the health care provider obtaining such information. Each player’s parent or guardian is responsible for supervision of their son or daughter during Billerica Little League events.) Billerica Little League may also keep a record of any email correspondence sent to our site or to our mail address. We may distribute such correspondence among Board members or other appropriate personnel so that we may review and respond to the correspondence.

Removing or Editing Personal Information

You may access and edit (or, alternatively, mask from public display) most of the personal information you provide when registering a player on the Billerica Little League site by following these steps: • On the Billerica Little League home page, click on the tab at the left side of the page entitled “Edit My Account.” You will receive a prompt to sign in, using your email address and password. If you cannot recall your password, you may enter only your email address and a password will be sent to that email address. • After you log in, you will be taken to the page from which you may select the individual(s) whose information you wish to modify. After clicking on the appropriate individual, you may select the field that needs to be updated and modify the information. Note that you may designate certain information to be available to the public or a more limited group. • Make the necessary changes and click the Submitbutton to save your changes.


When making a donation through our site we will ask for your name, home and email addresses and credit card information. Unless you instruct us not to do so, we may publish your name as a donor to Billerica Little League in appreciation of your donation and in connection with our fundraising. Your name may also be featured among other donors on our web site or at a League field, depending upon the size of your donation and our fundraising programs. Please take care in entering your name(s), as we will use the name(s) you provide to us when recognizing your generosity, and we do not assume any responsibility for spelling or other errors.


Billerica Little League takes reasonable precaution to protect the information you provide to us, including the use of encryption software to protect credit card information entered in connection with player fees and donations. We do rely upon third-party service providers for hosting our web site and data, and provide certain information to coaches and league administrators, and cannot be responsible for their actions, though we endeavor to do all we reasonably can to protect your information.

Billerica Little League Notice regarding the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Billerica Little League, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998, provides notice to parents of children under 13 that: • Billerica Little League will collect personal information about children under 13 years of age in order to enroll them and take actions associated with the assignment of the player to a team;
  • Billerica Little League needs the consent of parents or guardians to collect, use and disclose personally identifiable information about children under 13;
  • Billerica Little League has created a mechanism by which parents and guardians can provide consent;
  • Billerica Little League may not require children under 13 to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation; and
  • Billerica Little League has created a mechanism by which parents or guardians can, upon verification, review and edit their children's personal information, with the exception of DOB, and refuse to allow any further collection or use of their children's personal information.
Billerica Little League does not knowingly permit the registration of children under the age of 13 without the verifiable consent of their parents or guardians. We believe that the payment of the registration fee for the player demonstrates the consent of the parent or guardian to collect and disseminate the personal information in the manner, and for the purposes, described in this Policy. Currently, Billerica Little League has determined a credit card authorization in connection with a player registration to be the most efficient and effective way for us to verify that a parent or guardian has consented to the collection of information by Billerica Little League. In the future, Billerica Little League may use different mechanisms for verifying age and/or consent. If you have any questions about this Notice or about the collection or maintenance of your child's personal information, please contact:

Billerica Little League
Billerica Little League
P.O. Box 267
Billerica, MA 01821
(978) 670-1549

Please review the other provisions of this Policy for information concerning data collection practices applicable to families and players in our leagues, including children under13 years of age.


The Billerica Little League site uses cookies to track traffic coming to our site, but we do not collect personal data such as name, age, phone number, email or mailing address from such cookies.

Third Party Sites

Please note that the Billerica Little League site contains links to other web sites and may allow other party’s names and links to their sites to appear on the Billerica Little League site. Web sites operated by third parties that are linked to the Billerica Little League site are not endorsed in any manner by the Billerica Little League and you should note that such sites may have privacy policies which differ from that of Billerica Little League.

Contact Us

Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to:

Billerica Little League
P.O. Box 267
Billerica, MA 01821
(978) 670-1549


Billerica Little League may update this policy from time to time so please check back periodically. We will endeavor to note when such changes occur so they are visible to you when reviewing this Policy (for example, by placing the word "Updated" next to the subject matter heading).